Egg Dye

I bought some egg dye from Dollar Tree
Two worked, the other three didn't
I went to Piggly Wiggly and bought some pink, blue, and green dye
I didn't have any yellow food coloring that worked, but I wanted pink
So I got some pink eggs for a change
I tried wearing a rubber glove and put drops of food coloring on the egg
Then just moving the egg around in my hand
Then wipe off the excess food coloring with paper towels
That worked well
If you have trouble getting the eggs to peel, try this
Get your water boiling (13 minutes)
Put your eggs into the boiling water(13 minutes)
Put eggs in pan under cold running water(2 minutes)
Drain off some of the hot water till some of eggs are showing
Then add ice cubes and let eggs soak(25 minutes)
Dry on paper towels( 15 minutes each side)
Easy to peel eggs!
Happy Easter!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 29
About this poem:
I just found out about the easy peel eggs cooking method about two years ago on a youtube clip.

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Comments (2)

Sounds like fun Daradloff,
Happy Easter .
Drop the 25 min Ice soak not really needed I never do that and my eggs always turn out just fine. Anyways cute poem. Happy Easter to you.
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