What is the distance? The word hurts, it pierces the soul painfully, the heart breaks so much! Not to be in another country, in another place, is a paradox! You can be thousands of miles away, but not far away, and sometimes you sleep in the same bed and you are far away! This distance, to be accompanied and to be alone, between many people and loneliness, to have a family, to be together and to be invisible! Another piece of furniture. Distance, unfortunately, is being close to the people you live with and no one seeing you, and walking without anyone noticing! That the night comes and no one accepts you, and more than that, they do not take you into consideration, just to be exploited. They remember only for their own sake, when they need you, and they deny you when their interests end. I think this is the distance
this is sick

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Posted: Apr 19

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Jaded_Ravenonline today!
So true. Very good analogy on the paradox of "distance" whether together or apart
12qw34er56tyonline today!
So true. Very good analogy on the paradox of "distance" whether together or apart

Thank you very much ma'am, you liked it cheers hug hug
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