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Victory! Says pounding drums
Success! The trumpets blaze
Triumph! Soldiers march in time
As the masses craze
Elated with our conquest
Glinting off our guns
Enemies defeated
We thrill aloud as one
Shaking off our weary
Standing up our pride
Shooting down our fears
Forgetting all we’ve cried
The nations swell with goodwill
The anthem plays aloud
Those who fight for causes
Center every crowd
Our prayers have been answered
Our lives are whole once more
As, beaten back, the enemy
Cry trampled on their shores
An enemy of freedom
Of all that’s good and right
An enemy of opposites
Attempted scourge of light
They weep aloud at brothers lost
Of fathers dead and gone
We laugh as one at faceless foe
Cast villains in our songs
Their livelihoods go ruined
Their lands lay crisp and dead
The pride of countless ancestors
By bravery has bled
A holocaust of victory
Sweeps bloody cross the plains
Their purple mountains craters bloom
Smoke tops their amber waves
As ideas build a nation
So by ideals nations fall
When godless nations go to war
Corpses heed the call
Their men die standing shielding home
Or kinless cross the sea
They must suffer so we live
Says government’s decree
Anger boils through our veins
At injustice supposed
Anger boils as death abounds
And tears down all they’ve owned
Heaven’s light shines down on us
And fills up hist’ry’s page
We trifle not with subtleties
Unseal the Reaper’s rage!
Defeat! Howl widows reaved of hope
Destroyed! The people pain
Ruin! Senses cannot cope
And never will again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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LogomachyGeneral - the howling is loud and clear...i like the line, "Defeat! Howl widows reaved of hope"...nicely written!thumbs up
a fine write on the ruins of war and prides of peoples, very, very well done.
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by Unknown
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