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send a semaphore to flag your hope
wire a response to the S.O.S.
flash your mirror from a mountaintop
post a card with a purple stamp
"missing you, wish you were here."

telegraph your love on down the wire
flash a light from atop of a house
light the fires, blanket your desire
a coy furtive glance across the room
compose in your heart, a sonnet so dear

IM a quick smiley heart with hello
email from across oceans of longing
call from land-line or a G3 cell
wave your hands high above your head
tell me I'm all you got and want

run the signal ensign up the pole
shoot a flare up high in the sky
pull a banner behind some aeroplane
send a carrier pigeon to quickly fly
just wrap your arms around me tight

a Hallmark card with rhyme and seal
send a runner carrying a note in baton
string a line between two tin cans
put bullhorn to mouth and shout aloud
tap the steam pipe with ringing want

a TV ad with the six o'clock news
a 10 second spot on midnight radio
write it down on a post-it note
press the return key and lemme know
that you want me and love me so

© agoodguy2have 2010-05-24
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
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trurorobonline today!
well, if that doesnt get her attention!!, give up!!. nice write enjoyed it
Hi, agoodguy2have,
Wouldn't you just know she'd get the machine! Press '*' for other options! And, I loved learning the word semaphore. Thank goodness for! Transcending time and technologies, the message is always the same. Thank you for sharing such a fun write!
I enjoyed the conclusion...I got the message..
surely love will find a way of getting
its message to that special personthumbs up
agoodguy2have - hope there's not a deadlock!...perhaps a hard reset is in order! good luck my friend!thumbs up
You should go down in history for writing this, Dave, it is brilliant. I love 'tapp the steam pipe with ringing want'...
I wonder if you have covered everything.
How about; get neurotransmitter to cross synapse; or, ask DNA strand to recode..... nevermind you covered it. Well, hug your molecules!
beautifully composed...agoodguy.... handshake
I enjoyed this poem. I hope she gets the message. Thanks for sharing.
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