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Love..For all to see

You said
My Beloved is mine & I am his

and my reply

She is mine

How sublime,
Wonderful words my dear.
I shall etch them in that secret
chamber of my heart.
from where they’ll ne’er depart

I would love to tattoo them in the sky,
for all to see,
My response to your love for me

We searched true love to find
A flower
A Card
Ignore, discard
We viewed, we thought
How could it be, so many miles across
The sea

But God knows best
He spoke to us, we cast aside
The inhibitions,from any side

We have mailed and mailed
35 pages of history
Our communication, No mystery!
IM’d every day for 3 or more
And every 24
Exchanged a Flower
And more
There’s been E-cards by the score
A growing Love, and at our ages
I checked just now, Our chat Ive saved
To Over one hundred A4 pages

It was February seven
I sent you a flower
We had made contact
However the truth and fact
While on holiday, I had the time
Your love to pursue
We’ve talked, we’ve text’d
We’ve phoned
And love has blossomed
And enthroned

We walk on air, as if in first love
Tis a Gift from God above
Who has guided our lives
This far
In Him we trust
His guidance is a must

With Him for us
Then whom do we fear
Our love declared
For all to see
It is no longer
Just between you and me
A love that’s shared is all the stronger!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
Blossoming love

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Comments (25)

really nice scher....
Thank you hedistuff. This is new to me, but with love blossoming I could not resist an attempt. I am of a more scientific bentyay
Wow!!!!! What a surprise indeed never thought you had the poet in you.My darling what can I actually kept track of the mails,cards,flowers that passed between us,you are wonderful,I love these words of yours & God loves you & I love you too.Thank you.
thumbs up banana banana banana banana banana banana : applause applause applause applause applause applause dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Wishing both of you the best.
May love be both ways to the end.
God bless.

heart beating heart beating
Hi, Scher,
Welcome to Poets' Corner. With We walk on air, as if in first love, your first post is a resounding success. Wishing you both much happiness!!!
Dear Paloma,

With apologies to
Harold Adamson and Victor Young

Around the world I searched for you
I travelled on but hope was gone
to keep a rendez-vous

I knew sometime, some place, some how
you'd look at me, and I would see the smile
you're smiling now

it might have been in .a far off shore..
or in New York, or in Paris, or even towns of yore
no longer will I go all around the world
for I've found my world in Bangalore

heart wings heart wings heart wings
teddybear teddybear teddybear
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
banana banana banana banana

Thank you so much

Dear gnj4u ,

Many thanks for your welcome, I will leave the real word skills to Paloma 66, , but am enjoying the corner

To: Scher:
Thank you sweetheart,appreciate your response,the first stanza of Jim Reeves' song,"Oh! my love":
heart wings heart beating hug kiss kiss kiss kiss
Ladybee42online today!
you deserve only the truest love paloma, lovely words scher. applause i hope you won't have to wait too long before you get the chance to meet. teddybear teddybear teddybear
Well I have my eye on you so you had better behave.I feel like her mother.You have your age on your side, I'll say that for you, you don't tend to get too many toe raggs in their 70s.Very good poem, welcome to CS poets corner,
Psychic Poet xxwine
Thank you for your concern
I have feelings too my dear
I've exposed myself on here
To allay your fear

Not all men
are out to hurt
It pays to think
Before you blurt

handshake peace
My dearest,sweetest Carol,OMG I appreciate your concern & love for me,God has protected me sweetie all these years & I know He will continue to do so.He is a good man.Thank you & I love you
angel hug teddybear
after reading your "first" attempt, and all the posts from everyone, i must say Scher that being of the scientific bent, is not the only thing you've lent, "Tis a Gift from God above", when we see two C.S. poets so obviously in love.
You are agoodguy2have around
Thank you for embracing me within the fellowship
It is great to meet all you folk. I feel like the new kid on the block
thumbs up
Welcome Scher :) You have much to say...and I look forward to reading more of your poetry..great poemhandshake
Scher and dear Paloma, my heart sings for you both, way to goooo!!!!! I just know you too will forever keep the fire burning right onto the Elysian Fields..., and Scher, some of the greatest poets were also scientists, keep at it!
See Paloma..we kiwis do truly love!

Scher! how beautiful to open your love,
at times we do blur,
A scientific guy that came outside his shed,
wouldn't be a masport in there!!!!???lol!

Don't worry Paloma, Kiwis guys love mowing the lawn..

A wonderful gift you gave your true love.

Thank you Earlgrey ( I shall go and have a cuppa, its my favorite tea) 6 months on, our love is growing stronger

Thanks my friend

Thank you Sophia
Simmers almost here
How did you know
Hadn't even told my dear
Bought a brand new Masport
Two weeks ago
Lawns will be mowed this summer
As soon as they grow

Thank you for your comments

peace applause
That should have been
Summer's almost here
sad flower
Love grows stronger
Every day
As she stays longer
I still say

I love you dear
More each day
As I know you
In so many ways

Six months now
You've been by my side
God's love is great
In Him we bide

heart beating heart wings heart beating
Now a whole year has gone
Our love still grows
The bonds are strong
Through these words I hope it shows.

Last night we stood and looked above
at fluffy clouds , when with push and shove
The full moon appeared as we gazed
and with this sight we were amazed

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

To think a year had passed
Thirteen moons of time had flown
Where had all this time gone ?
We have found true love at last

Through our minds we re-ran
Where we had been at each full-moon rise
A tryst we keep when ere we can
Sealed with a kiss, does that surprise.

Sometimes at the seashore coast
Fish and chips and not a roast
Just simple food to have and share
Thankful that God has brought us there

We live each life from day to day
That our love may stay this way
Until Our Father calls us home
and to our love I dedicate this poem

kiss kissheart wings heart wings heart wings kiss kiss
Thank you dear,this is lovely.Let God have His own way,He is the potter we are the clay,let Him mould us and make us after His will.thumbs up heart wings hug lips peace
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