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Diana In Spring

I coil, spring and launch myself,
Go soaring through the starlit sky.
On landing, launch again because,
It feels so good to almost fly.

The only sound my breathing with,
My dust in silent clouds behind,
Up to hilltops, down in valleys,
As the kilometers unwind.

Falling in surreal slow motion,
Then landing light as blooms in spring.
Sailing without boat or current,
A feeling unlike anything.

Can't come soon enough to suit me,
And always ending much too soon,
There's no way to feel unhappy,
When your're cavorting on the moon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
Guess what lies beneath the words... bwuhuhuhuhahaha

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Comments (4)

F.A.L.: see what love does for the poets soul? this is OUTSTANDING stuff, stanza 3 is the best! ;-)
Thanks goodguy, trust you to be able to read between the lines. yay
i love this, its like in those dreams where you aren't quite sure if you can fly, but each jump brings you so close to it.. thanks for the the lovely thought and the words..heart wings heart wings
freeatlast - sounds like quite an experience...beautiful poem my friend!
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by Unknown
on May 2010
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