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Random rainfall


Random rainfall fills soft tender space
Touches every nerve cell on groove of face
Rinses where pining has left its trace
Cleansing wounds from life’s harsh race
Dreams we made were formed from lace

précpiatations aléatoire remplit soft espace d’appel d’offres.....

For love found herself no true home
Desire waits silently crying alone
Hope almost gone flat monotone
No warmth to feel or call its own
Desolation fresh and vital sown

Pour l’amour lui-même ne trouvé acune veritable maision.....

Longing vertebrae winds around
Crushes feelings without a sound
Bewilderment and loss abound
Dissolution all around

Précipitations tombant sur mon visage
C’est just un mirage
Mais parlent pas
Entre deux coeurs qui s’aiment
nul besoin de paroles.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
I have had SUCH a time trying to put those accents on, only to be defeated at the title.

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Comments (7)

I know what you are talking about with the accents. Been there many times. Had not done it in a while on my lap top and now can not remember how to do somelaugh I love your way of writing. It is so strong and powerfull. Hope you have a good weekend.bouquet
wow carol, a mix of languages...wonderfully romantic, i'll keep my translations to myself, but suffice it to say you are a wondrous poet. ;-)
What a lovely poem. You did wonderful on this one.
Hi, caroljoyce,
Boy, my French has really gotten rusty, but I'll go with it! Thanks for sharing.
"Longing vertebrae winds around"

lovely phrases, a very mature write, thanks for sharing...
That's rather lovely and tightly alliterated. I like it.
Such a lovely sad poem but so well written loved it teddybear
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