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I Get Angry

Time , Can only show you the truth
Can Only be there for you
When you're bleeding
Why , I keep on askin' the same
The reason why i called ur name
Would you remember

The Fights that we had & the kisses that never last
The song of our love is all gone and dead

I get angry now and then
When I forget myself
I get mad just to think
Of you as for somebody's else
But now it's time for you to leave
leave me now , Get out of my memroies
I Only get angry of me
When I feel You near
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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Comments (5)

you're workin' it swan ;-)
True words were never said as good teddybear
Thank you My Dearest Friends kiss kiss hug hug

You will get there in the end.
Aaahhhh .. I hope so sweet Carol ..I hope so comfort

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