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The fire

Late at night,
By candle light,
My writings caught fire,
It gave me a fright,
I awoke in a crazed half drunken daze,
Staring at flames burning page after page,
The blaze was amazing but it didnt phase me,
I watched it for maybe a minute or two,
Unsure exactly of what I should do,
Call it a game and say "I am through"?
The longer I waited the more the flame grew,
Its true at the end we all must face death,
But I'm not going out like that...not yet,
Half boredom half regret,
The yellow-orange glow gorgeous like a sunset,
I extinguished the blaze,
like a cigarette in an ash tray...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
I lost two books of my writings,a chair,my drapes, and some carpet...

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Comments (12)

trurorobonline now!
lucky boy to wake up!, glad you are ok!!, the other stuff is replaceable!, nice write about it!
Glad you are okay, enjoyed the poem too.
M.T. !!! I too am glad you're not in the burn ward or worse! Start backing up your files this time please.
holy cow!! i'm glad you reacted quickly and are ok!! great write!hug
What a nightmare; good write.
Nice write by candle light?
oh golly tat! my sympathies...nice write
not a bad poem for the black saturday bushfires here in victoria australia bit of enthusiasm for us
aha! there was no candle - you were having a cigarette!...laugh
glad you woke up in time, you got lucky madtat..comfort
"My writings caught fire"

Great lead for a intense poem by it's self!

Love that line, only not in a literal sense as you've used it, but more of a figurative meaning of 'powerful, moving, ALIVE!'

I want to write a poem with such intensity that it's effect upon the reader leaves them feeling rather 'scorched'! head banger
I watched it for maybe a minute or two,

I sooooo enjoyed! and, knowing you were alive to read this!
"phase of glowing embers" sleep sleep sleep
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