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Time to see!

Who controls and who holds sway, who
makes the rules and who leads the way,
there's always a leader in every clan,
who creates and directs every plan,
and all would follow, the weak, the meek,
be shown the way to what they seek,
and they do believe what they hear,
encouraged on by what they fear,
conditioned now as was then, by the
brain work of many men, so the clan
do follow and obey the rule, collective
group, made to fool, they swallow all
and question none, they're lost forever
doomed and done!

An open mind, prepared to see,
question now, not,,,,what will
be will be!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Comments (3)

trurorobonline today!
sheep come to mind, nice write!!
excellent write big O...where's my glasses, i wanna see it again!
optimisticme - i'm feeling it! wonderful thine own self be true.
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