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The most desirable woman in the world.

She is so sexy, she is so hot
Moves weird and makes me rag
Laughs shamelessly and wild
My body pains from my desire.

Unpretentious she looks around
Nothing interesting she found
Throws her shoes, her dirty dress
So easily reveals her breast.

Beautiful women are so many
What about her make you steam?
It’s because she is really crazy
And incapable to think!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Comments (3)

It is probably shocking, but true. Almost all the men would ‘go’ with a crazy woman if she is beautiful, in contrast to almost all women will not ‘go’ with a hansom crazy man.
i'm not so sure about your assertion Z.K. but an enticing poem nontheless.
Question no.1: What is beautiful?
Question no.2: Why generalize for all men?
Simply, it's not true!
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