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Longing for you.

I stir from my sleep in the darkness of night
and struggle to stay there my eyes shut tight.
Then memories of you come into my head
and I've lost the struggle there in my bed.

As yesterday awakens from my memory
my face breaks into a smile at the reverie
and your voice comes back into my ears.
I've never felt like this before in all my years.

I think of you in your lonely bed down there
and wish I was in your arms no matter where.
I grin and roll into my pillow on my bed
as I think of all the wonderful words we said.

Outside I hear the crickets singing to the moon
my heart beats as I remember we're meeting soon.
How I long for you, to feel your touch to see your smile
to sleep in bed beside you in just a little while.

I hug my pillow and deliciously smile as I think of you
and all the things ahead we are planning to do.
Oh how I wish the days ahead would just flee
so that I could be there with you and you with me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
For months we have been emailing and talking on the phone, but it is no longer enough so we are planning to meet in just a little while. We are both caught up in the excitement and are anxiously marking the days off. We need to meet as sleep is eluding both of us and to be over 800 kms apart is no longer an option.

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lovely poem, arousing the flesh, consolimg the soul, sweetly, tenderly, cushioning my heart....
If your meeting goes as super as this poem, your in for a lovely timeteddybear
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