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To a Poet

Let verse of yours be flexible, but strong,
Strong as a poplar under valley's cover,
Strong as the earth under a plough, long,
Strong as a girl, who never knew a lover.

Reliably preserve severity at length,
Your verse need not be fluttering or booming,
Although the Muse has very easy steps,
She's not a dancer, but a goddess, ruling.

Frolicsome din of interrupted rhymes --
Temptation for decline, so free and so easy --
Just leave for use by jokers in a dance
On city streets for people who aren't busy.

And going out on the sacred paths,
Bring to melodiousness your chosen damnation.
You know, she's a mistress of the mass,
She craves embraces, as a dearth -- donations.

Nikolai Gumilev
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilev was a Russian poet.

In August of 1921, Nikolay Gumilev's life came to a tragic end, Gumilev was executed by the Bolsheviks for alleged conspiratorial activities.

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a wonderful ditty on poems, poets and what they try to convey...i'll study Nikolai...thanks solong
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