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poam farewell

Farewell poem Iaagly my age ..... Farewell Iahb with the blood being

Farewell Iashimsi and Nouri al-Badri, and ..... Yaks have a farewell love the title

Farewell tears tears on my cheeks ..... And unnecessarily mean to me their concerns and the challenge of

Farewell to the moment in Alammerma encroachment ..... The reason a bleeding injury on the night thirsty

Farewell Shuf death before the eyes ..... The reason I feel him, Benny dimension

Farewell Iamsavr and one who does my heart Belhzan ..... Farewell after my age and all the friends

Farewell Is this amount in my forehead ..... Farewell trip in the Sea and grief are

The reason the word convergence onwards ..... God has come to Fman Lafraki

And grief and the silence and look Bstiqi ..... Farewell hardest word uttered by a man

Ahdaaaaaaaaaaae Khaaaaaaaaaaaas
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
poam farewell

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