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My Perfect man.

Going through some old papers from the past
I came across a question I was once asked:
"what are you looking for in a man?"

I replied that I wanted a tall, bearded , hairy man
who is kind and thoughtful and makes me laugh,
he should treat me as an equal, his other half;
and need me as much as I need him
with a love that overflows at the brim.
He should make me tingle when he is near
and make my heart race when he does appear
and at the sound of his voice from afar
make my thoughts turn to the boudoir.
A good sense of humour is a must
as is fairplay and a sprinkling of lust.
He must be intelligent and compassionate,
my best friend and everloving soulmate
and to top it all off a lover first class.
These are all the qualities I would ask..

I was told by many that my standards were too high
that I would never find a man to match my needs.
Then imagine my surprise after reading this today
when I suddenly realised I was describing you.....
My Perfect Man.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
2 Scorpions with 98% compatiblity - How lucky am I ?

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Comments (6)

just beautifull.
what more can i saythumbs up hug
ah...I thought you'd never notice....hee, hee, nice write may..
damn lucky sounds like to me! well done...on both counts.
maymyo - wonderful poem :)
Wonderful Maymyo, just wonderful glad to hear all goes good for you, you sound happy as tinkling water in a stream. Sorry about that but I think in picture tooteddybear
You stick with your standards then one day when you meet your MAN you will know it has been worth the wait.
You have a way with words that indicates to me that you are a learned person whom knows what she wants and I can interpret that the underlying requirement is that your dream man should be Virile, Attentive, and above all, FIT.
I enjoyed your thoughts immensely. blushing heart beating bouquet
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