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Gate Keeper

Walking thru the forest one day.
I reached a spot to my dismay.
Where nothing was as it seemed to be.
I wondered if my eyes truly did see.
There in a clearing was a large iron gate.
Where an old woman leaned against a rock.
So old I wondered if I was to late.
As I grew near she started to speak.
In a voice as old as the ages.
I am the gate keeper. Leave your bounty here.
And go and find what you seek.
I did not know what she spoke of.
And what I searched for was my love.
I continued over to her and said,
Who are you old lady and what is this place.
She looked at me and spoke once more.
Telling me what she had before.
I am the gate keeper.
I have been here for all time.
Leave what you carry and go on your way.
And what you leave let it stay.
I did not know what she spoke of.
My arms were empty I carried nil.
But this woman was asking for my bounty still.
I found comfort inside of me.
A strange feeling I usually did not see.
A lightness of the heart.
A new beginning, a new start.
As the woman hobbled away.
I asked what I was to pay.
She turned looking as old as death.
I am the gate keeper.
I have been here for all time.
All your secrets are now mine.
You owe no pay.
Just go and live.
The weight of the secrets is what you had to give.
I think of that gate keeper.
And all the secrets I had.
Holding them had made me really sad.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Comments (13)

Ah lovely teddybear
Hi, Happygolucky4u,
Secrets do exact a toll. Leave what you carry and go on your way. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of the Gate Keeper.
hedistuffonline today!
very pretty....on a side note, in literature (stories, poems, anything written, etc.) the editor, the one who decides what stays, what is inserted, what is removed, is often refered to as the 'gatekeeper'.
thanks hedi for the tidbit, i didn't know that. Happygolucky4u: a wonderful write that i thought i had figures out but you got me in the end. shhhhh keep it a secret...ok?
Excellent write and tale!!peace
Thank you never ending story.

GNJ4U Yes secrets have a way of weighing one down. So I feel like I would not like to carry to many.

No Heidistuff I did not know that. Life can be a learning adventure. And thank you for this teddybear

Always good to have feedback from a poet like you goodguy2havebouquet

Jazzy I love your writing. Thank you for your commentteddybear
Just wonderful, held me a full story and now the ending, so true to lovely readcheering
i had a nice read and what a splendid tale and very well penned madame,,thanks for sharingwine bouquet
Wonderful story with meaning. Reminded me
of some great fantasy movies. The word
sage comes to mind. Thanksangel
niah9online today!
Hi happygo lucky...
A real picture book story...and well thought through...
niah9yay bouquet
It really touched me. Great
Thank you Redex I do so enjoy writing tales. I have often pondered maybe a book hmmm

Thank you Jeddah for your comment. I hoped it would be a nice story.

Thanks Boyshchrm you hit the nail on the head it does have meaning. I have been told I am a very secretative person. But don't telluh oh

Thank you niah for your comment.

I am always behind on my thank yous and I feel badly. It is not that I am not gratefull that you take the time to comment. For I truely am. I try to get caught up and dunno I'm sorry please
opps and thank you too gilamonster. I am so glad you enjoyed it.bouquet

uh oh Ok I think that took care of this oneapplause
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