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secret feelings

i tell you that i dont love you i tell you that you never cross my mind i tell you nothing but lies

i tell you that i never cry a tear but i know that i will cry for many years

i tell you that my heart has not one dent from where you left me alone i tell you that im glad that you are gone

i tell you nothing but lies because i still lay in my bed so that i can cry

i tell you that i have moved on with my life now
i tell you that you are the one i have forgotten about

i tell you that there is another one who fills my heart as well as my dreams
but really i am wondering, if you ever think about me.

i tell you nothing but lies
but what am i suppouse to do, tell you that i still cry?

i tell you my heart never breaks
i tell you that i never ache

when really there is a secret feeling about my love for you
yet there is nothing i can say or do

i want to walk up to you and tell you how i really feel
i want to tell you that my love is nothing but real

i want to tell you that i love you more than anything, i have ever known
but i cant because you let me go

i want you to be my husband, my love for all enternity
i want you to forever be with me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
i wrote this for my boyfriend who i was engaged to the first time and i caught him in bed with my own so called best friend (thats why im so scared of ever being married)

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Almond: secret feelings are with us all. see poem "Gate keeper" by Happy. hope it helps.
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