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Something lost and out of reach.

I DO,not fill the present,
I AM,not in the play.
From the OUTside,an observer,
I watch,and WONDER through the day.

Might bring HOPE,with your presence,
something LOST,and out of reach.
Much LIGHT,with your presents,
for this DIScontented leach.

You SEE,I'm full to bursting?
like a RIVER,drowning me.
I've LOST,the art of loving,
and ALL,that it could be..

From the OUTside,an observer,
watch you FLEEing,from the start.
cos i PANIC,when i feel love,
an' CLOSE the valve,to my heart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
Erm... well this would be yet another,discontented poem from the failed love life of the messed up..

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Comments (17)

Very emotionally-charged writing, Tomboygirl. I can feel anguish simmering in the words. Well done.
oh to get back "off the cliff" where we dont have to try to find a rhyme for "reach"!

hang in there cyprus.
I meant discontented leech-meaning i took,leeched-unfortunately i have spelling issues i came to terms with a long time ago,that even the spell check can't help..dunno
Thank You dagosto,and yes lots of anguish..
someday you will find it , hang in there tomboygirl
Well I've learned to bounce anyway feathersteve,got pretty good at it too..

Hi, tomboygirl,
Such an emotional write, with punctuation and capitalization enhancing its power. Remember, when the pressure is off, valves can safely open. Thank you for sharing.
hedistuff wish to die?? don't will. and a lot sooner than you foresee...for love is approaching your door, and it won't take....'no'...for an answer....
,,,,love your poetry, tomboygirl...thank you..
Very strong and emotional poem. I wish you the best. Thank you for sharing.
gnj4u,thats a comforting thought,thankyouteddybear
Hedistuff,thankyou for loving my poetry,and pinkpoet thankyou for the kind words,i felt it was a bit pathetic and self absorbed,but will leave it up now lol..teddybear teddybear
pathetic and self-absorbed? well whats wrong with that! just my type.
laugh HAHAHAHA LOL!Thanks deserthug teddybear
Your Words and strong and enough to touch up my heart with lotta of emotions .. you go girl hug

Thankyou swanluv hug
Your anguish reaches the shores of my soul,I feel so connected to the last two lines.Heartfelt.Its really hard to be able to share these things but it helps. You look so pretty in this pic.bouquet bouquet hug hug
Paloma,how sweet you are,thankyou for your kind wordsteddybear
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