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The Waiting.

Up in the mountains cold, they'd had their rendezvous
and found that it was real love, it was true.
So then they parted and went their separated ways
not for long, duty called, maybe 30 days.
He went south to his little town to pack his things
his house was sold and now came the settling.
He had mixed feelings, sadness at the chore ahead
and yet he had joyous memories of her in his head.
His loins felt a stirring as he thought of her charms
and the way she had just melted into his arms.

She drove up north returning to her home to prepare,
it was a long time since she'd lived with a man there.
Drawers and a wardrobe she would empty for his clothes
he would need warm things in case he froze.
And she would clear a bookcase shelf or two for him
they both loved books, music and nearly all things.
At thoughts of him her heart skipped and missed a beat
she remembered his beautiful body, so tall and sleek
Like a glorious jungle animal covered in golden hair
she'd fallen in love with him at the cabin back there.

For the two of them the days and nights were so long
it was agony to be without the other; they belonged..
The telephone lines ran hot between their two homes
this was like something that they had never known.
She had to learn to text as he would message her all day
to say 'I'm coming up, I'll soon be there to stay.'
She would ring to wake him from his sleep each morning
and they would talk till the sun was dawning.
Each night he would ring to say 'I'll cuddle you tight
don't worry darling it will soon be alright.'
She'd go to sleep pretending his arm was under her head
but wake in the darkness feeling for him in the bed.
It was like they'd been in perfect unison in some life past
and had by miracle found each other again at last.
Relief will be known when at last they are together
and there will be no more parting, this is forever.......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
Follow up to "The Meeting".

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Comments (6)

OMG!!!!! so sweet,so tender,I relate so much to your words.Sooooo good,I love this.Thank you dear,you write so well.thumbs up bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet hug
a wonderful write...i can't wait (though I guess I'll have to) for "The living" ;-)
ooh...I remember this. after Lyn and I first met, an instant fondness wrapping 'round we two, it took just over five months til we shared our home. four months later...marriage. now for the good time passes, impossibly, we have found each new day more exciting than the last. I suppose that the inevitable will occur and I shall fill with happiness til I burst. oh well....maymyo, you certainly are a terrific writer. appears as you are no stranger to composition. a toast to you and all your love...'may you stay...forever young'...
You write lovely. This poem was so great. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. You definately have a gift. I can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing your gifted words.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my work, Paloma & Pinkpoetress, this is truly the kind of love and romance we dream about as little girls and rarely find and Hedi, I promise I will stay forever young, who would want to miss the thrill of such wonder, my only worry is that I hope it doesn't take 5 months until we are together as I am not sure Goodguy could handle the wait. Love you all Maymyo. purple heart
What a beautiful story unfolding, the writting reflects an inner beauty that does not age, only gets brighter.teddybear
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