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What defines our lives as we walk through this wonderful and horrible world we live in
We see the banker as he walks his way through the day, inside his lonely stall
The cook as he dances his way through his kitchen, never alone, always in a rush and busy
There are some jobs to hard and to rough to think about, yet the daily life goes on.

With this, are we defined? Does it make us who we are? Or do we make it what it is?
The questions in this are endless indeed, but when truly asked, we find it is our heart
Where our heart is, what our heart wants, this, and this alone defines our existence
For where the heart is, there too does the mind find its roaming path bent and shaped

What of the lovers, lost in their embrace? And those that have watched their love cool?
Where then does that leave and lead, what road and path can that life lead down?
Or those that have lost their love, upon the road, or from their life, what of those?
From strife, or life, or dangers spate, or anger. Angst, or one of a million types

Yes, this too defines us, each and every moment; brings us to where we are and should be
How then do we match what we do and who we are and what we want with where we are?
This is the toughest part of all, the defining moment if you will of our lives and love
For in there, that is the intersection of what is with what could be, that defines where we are
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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To define is to limit :) Thought provoking write....I enjoyed it...thank you for sharing.handshake
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