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Loves new Hope

Loves new hope

What is this new sensation, this pleasant warmth, the tingle, the chill as fate slips a knot anew
Where does this wafting sense, the utter bliss, almost crooning in its desired approach, alight?
How to define this fleeting, feathery, silky, smooth, almost creamy resonance of this one’s soul
Hope; defined, refined, destined; Missing all this time only to gingerly return. Hope, and the heart sings.

This feathery embrace, engendered by hopes wistfully blissful return, almost unfelt, like mornings dew
This airy sensation, so long Away, missed as one’s own heart, this feeling can hope, and love, reignite
Almost the least noticed, until gone, then like a lost limb, the missings return almost the frantic goal
Yet this fledgling feeling, fragile in seeming, can only die a-borning, lest we hold it from spreading wings

Ah, the wings of hope bring a new rose scented wafting, attention grabbing and the first thought lost
The newer sensation creeps upon slow, tippy-toe feet, graceful, quite, almost drifting upon the breeze
The feeling of immersion, almost like being pulled from one medium into another, this is Love growth
Aspirations beginning, the roots of fondness, closeness, love begin to slowly entwine the lovers heart

Yet this was the thing most thought lost! The thing feared never to return, as an emptied jar, tossed
And slowly the realization dawns, with hopes essence love can grow, for the heart muscle doth ease
To anew the lesson learn that hope and love are one and the same, two halves, like us, one side of both
This lesson, somehow known, newly aware to describe, this is the dawning of hope and loves start
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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