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oh thanks

I saw this blind man using a cane
probing and navigate his way
It looked so simple and easy
I kept it in mind for a rainy day

On my travels I heard people say
we have all the answers inside
God made sure you know the way
now I cannot stop my sob and cry

I have probed and pricked
sharp needles makes some darn
bloody mess and now I think
this is the final show down

help !
a band-aid ?
oh thanks
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
I'll kill you

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what's this about?
confused Sorry you've lost me ??
Wrote this, didn't really know why - but a few hours later, they took a blood sample at the doctor's office - and when I had scared myself like in this little story, it went smooth and easy. Had a laugh when the nurse put on a band aid and I said - oh, thanks..;)
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