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Dust will blow off

I know one day the dust will blow off
I know one day the green leaves will go off
Into pale;I know one day the rubbish people will be on throne
I know,I know it very much that all the beauty will be pregnant
In the hand of nasty crowd.

I know the cuckoo song will be,I know the water-lily will be
I know the banayan tree will be,I know the encircled lunar module will be
I know the beauty will be
Destroyed and devastated
In the hands of the so-called generous people.

Somebody tries to teach me what he doesn't know clearly
Somebody tries to enlighten me with their pure(?) knowledge
Somebody tries to endow me with their absolute(?) ideas.

A man came to teach me poetry
A baby came to teach me how to imagine
A child came to teach me how to describe
A lady with her decorated beauty came to teach me the lust.

But I refused them,I strongly refused them
I know what I am doing
I know what I should do
I know how to adorn my literature.

One day a lady proposed me
One day a tree proposed me
One day the colors proposed me
One day the broaden sky proposed me
One day the cloudy river called me up.

I refused them.
Cause I love them
I know to indulge in the paragon makes it worse.

I never indulge into anything.

I love,I love and I try to love
From here and from so-far.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Comments (2)

Dalim: This is a much better poem. You express your ideas with certainty. Indulgence in life, is the point, I believe. More please.
Hi, Dalim,
Always ready to learn, I look everywhere for teachers in my life. Knowing that most teachers are other humans, coming from somewhere else, my values help me evaluate the lessons. I am hoping that we will find ways to save the beauty of earth and mind From here and from so-far. Thank you for sharing.
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