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Empty Arms

Verse I

Across the waves I flew to you.
I got to hold you for a while.
Don't regret it for a moment,
And looking back I have to smile.
To stay with you was all I wished,
Though this the fates would not allow.
My one desire is out of reach,
These arms just ache for you right now.


My heart is filled with love for you.
So captivated by your charms.
I live for when we meet again,
To hold you in my empty arms.

Verse II

The trip was long and wearying.
My hitchhike home was blazing hot.
But true pain comes from deep inside,
And missing you sure hurts a lot.
Our time together was too short,
But we'll get back again somehow.
Until we can I'm missing you,
These arms just ache for you right now.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
A form of postpartum depression...

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Comments (13)

F.A.L.: sounds like a great time was had, no need to be sad, you said it clear and plain, you'll surely see your love again.
Hi, freeatlast64847,
May soon the empty arms be filled with love as is the heart always. Until then the song, with its lovely chorus, and the memory of bliss remain and float Across the waves. Again...soon...may it be so.
A Person like you with all these nice feelings will surly be loved again .. I can feel it ..
Thanks for such beautiful poem ..thanks

we had a wonderful time together, and if carol peeps in here - no dog breath hun!..laugh we just really have some real life things to do now.
Wow! your meeting must have been beautiful.I'm so happy for both of you,Here are a few lines,I added.
Empty arms that long for you
And they will wait dear just for you
And my arms will stay this way
Till you return to them
Forever to stay.

All the best to you both.
God bless youbouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
applause teddybear
Thank you one and all for your kind sentiments and encouragement. It's just so difficult when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but with hard work and determination we'll make it through somehow.
Some of our poetry is good. Someone could approach a publisher with a novel concept, and, hey presto, a selection would be published and the procedes turned into a CS romance fund; thus, any poet wishing to visit another, so it shall be.
Alternatively, we could put names in a hat and start again; thus, someone currently involved with someone on another continent could 'swap' and start an connection with someone on their own continent, in exchange.purple heart heart1
hedistuffonline today!
swapping continents? swapping lovers? no way! I want them all...
laugh carol you are always thinking outside the box! lets draw up a list...cheers typing idea
You know it is a good idea. What box? Hedi you are barred!
freeatlast - wonderful song...i'm happy you two enjoyed yourselves :)
Thanks Jazzy, and all for your comments. Interesting how this became kind of a blog for a while. I would be amenable to contributing to a collection if the opportunity to publish should arise...
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