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A moments reverie

A moments reverie

To sleep, perchance to dream...

The subject of my reveries is the recipient of my words.
She that brings a smile from beginning to end, beautiful in the extreme, and wonderment to boot.
That she returns some modicum of attention is all I had hoped, and yet she appears to want more.
To meet, to breathe the same air, perhaps to touch the fingers, these vivid dreams within attainment.

How to keep the breathing even, the heart from pounding, the voice from trembling as we speak,
So distant in space, yet intensely near in time, the gap appears so easy to bridge; a single step to take.
Yes, to touch, to dream of holding in my arms, to share the warmth of enamored breath.
The dream seems so real, attained? Possibly mine to hold and shelter, the dream of twain gone one.

Oh, how to bring this happiness glimpsed, dreamed, only quietly imagined into fruition and life
Ah, I may not know that secret today, and yet I shall my life spend searching for this hidden Jewel
For that which is sought, to bring happiness and hope to one I thought so aloof for this moment
To bring warmth and joy, with never more than a kind word, to bring this even more, she does with ease

Perhaps I know not the spell, to bind her to me, she of my dreams, desires and long yearned hopes
Perhaps one is not needed? Can it be that I am not alone in this windswept wilderness of mazes?
How to know, the terrible fear to find that I am wrong, to ask in such a way that I can laugh off the query
But! Perhaps this step, to expose oneself to the chasms edge, will convince her of my burgeoning hope
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Cascus: sorry to delay comment. i think you cannot bind her to you, she alone can tie that knot. i wish you well as you ponder jumping into "chasms edge".
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