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We are sitting at the local cafe.
Drinking beer.
Talking life away.
Laughing at our little "in" jokes.
So different we are.
One likes to stay in.
One likes bars.
No rush to get home.
That's how it is when your all alone.
I am settled now playing my cards.
No rush to move on just enjoying the moment.
Life can be hard,
But it always seems to have these times.
I feel relief to know
even though
All my dreams were crushed.
There is a rainbow after the rain.
I made it thru.
Walked thru the dark.
Lived with the pain.
This might not be what I had in mind.
When I dreamed my life as a little girl.
But I know that I will be fine.
I can still have a good time.
In this life that is called mine.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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trurorobonline now!
yes live my friend, nice poem!
single for awhile, sittin' with a smile, makin' life worthwhile, learnin' to be versatile.
Beautiful thank you teddybear
nice write happy...
Lovely poem enjoyed reading, I loved your last line that appeals
Happy, wise and optimistic, good job.
Very happy and positive poem. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thank you for sharing.
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