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Love can effect u in so many ways,it can light up ur nights n brighten ur days,the love of a friend the love of a brother,the love of ur child or the love of ur mother,but one love is felt deeper then all others,the love u get from ur significant other,cos a soul mate gives u a sense of relief,an can make u feel as if u have no missin piece,us humans are born addicts to love,its a gift we were given from up above,no matter wat u think u need,we need love like we need trees to breath,so be kind to all the loves in ur life,ur family ur friends an especially ur wife,cos without love ur heart would be empty an ur soul would be cold,an ur life would be a story thats better untold... its all bout the love kids
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
I had just spoken to a friend about his love (his girlfriend in particular) and then this came out!

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by Unknown
on Jun 2010
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