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A love without a face!

Waiting wanting wishing, for the piece that I've been missing, I see you in my dreams an can't get u out my head, I hope that I can find the love for whom my heart has bled, I know not who u are or even who I'll see, All I know is once I find u a more pure love there will never be, We will laugh an play an dance an sing, An when I finally ask you'll wear my ring, I will hold your hand an I will rub your feet, Ours will be a love thats o so sweet, I will never hurt you an you will never leave, I will love you more then you could believe, I wish I had you here with me now, I wish I could find you someway somehow, I wish that this pain down deep in my heart, would stop trying to tear me apart, But it won't stop an I can't breath, I feel as if I am undersiege, I am happy with my life but I feel I'm not complete, until I find the girl who makes my heart skip a beat, until that day comes I will remain a soul, who's heart is lost tired an cold, until that day comes I can't feel free, because you are not here, not here with me!!!
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Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
This poem speaks for its self I was really sad an lonely and I wrote about the girl who doesn't exist!

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Comments (3)

are you sure she doesn't exist? ;-) sounds like it needs some music to back it up! keep goin'!
Thanks mate an who knows she may.. Yeah I couldn't really make it work in a song so poem it was.
whoa! good work - i'm sure with a change or 2 it could be a top-o-the-charts song!

seems straight from the heart2................
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by Unknown
on Jun 2010
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