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Country tune with a twang

It seems like everywhere I go I have to re think
The jobs are abounding
I need to develope an ongoing connecting link
This is the surrounding
From the alpha to the omega
I travel patiently weights ongoing
It is an enduring saga
Multi task light heartely flowing
I ask when will this end
Pressure heartbeats decisions the whole sha bang
To the chores I must tend
This could be a country tune with a twang
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
Sometimes work can be to overbearing.
when you think you have a handle on things
there is an unsuspecting surprise.
the electricians show up and so do the plumbers
the carpenter comes along and so does the engineer
a cameo appearance by the director
and the band plays on with a country twang

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Comments (1)

The old black magic
Sometimes it can be a learning experience
just posting a poem
please check the other one
oh well things happen
all the best to everybody
pleasant days ahead
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