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Finding Your Way

Hearing of that beautiful sunset, you really haven't seen.
It's like the limited knowledge you have as a teen.
So caught up in the who you think you are.
Never truly listening or seeing what seems to be so far.
Like a baby who just wants to be happy and fed.
It seems so easy for our lives and minds to be led.
Then, as our minds starts to mature and grow
It's difficult to find someone who honestly wants to know.
Left with your heart, and a desire to learn
Understanding, feeling, and so much of concern.
Lonely as it seems, and empty as it can be
Keep being kind and patient for all to see.
Love and kindness is a better state of mind.
Understand and you make someone a great find.
Understanding and liking yourself, till fate finds a way
Into your heart one glorious and wonderful day.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2009
About this poem:
Just a thought.

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Comments (6)

QuietStormFonline today!
Very nice poem... and so so true.. teddybear
really sweet words my poet mate, thanks for share , u r word is beautiful
I sure like the way you think...and feelheart wings
PassionatePoet...beautiful thought indeed! :-)
Love the wisdom in your poem PassionatePoet.Very beautifulhug bouquet
hello PassionatePoet
i have to say i most adore the first two lines.. a strong entrance into what feels a wisdom poem gift
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