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on lust & love

the difference between
jumping from a plane
freefalling to the
end of a static line

and landing on the lip
of a pitcher plant
slowly slipping
imperceptibly deeper

into it, waxing closer
exoskeleton too hard
to be of use against
slippery angle of repose

a slow slide of slope
to the drowning liquid
of desires physical
or prospects spiritual

the turns of all the L's
of life, lust and love
so we must be sharp,
turn hard, lean into it

or dive to the end of it
allowing inevitable finish
to take us across the line
whooshing hand-in-hand

© agoodguy2have 2010-06-24
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Comments (12)

And when combined, those tricky L's hetrodyne madly. Well said goodguy!
trurorobonline now!
you need a woman my friend!!
rob you crease me rolling on the floor laughing Another great write goodguy wave
Loved the jumping, freefalling, alas too old now, the whooshing hand in hand, well maybe one day. Loved the readpeace
Oh wow, there's a lot of really good words in there. That's pretty hot poetry ;)
gosh but love is a slow journey...into the sweetness, mmmmm applause
Lovely,lyrical write, I see you are airborne again; maybe it gives you a bird's eye view of things or a planer perception (sorry).Not sure about the whooshing though, did you mean waltzing, wandering? Or was it a mad dash to the finish?
fabulous-liked this!thumbs up
lol...sounds like quite a ride!! ...especially in tandem :)
A fine poem, describing a fine line...
Thank you for comments on Words.
whoosh, whoosh, and whoosh a wiper blade of an auto clears a day's slate, presenting a fresh new canvas to receive ever more drops of joy...seems as a gusher of late with so much blessing falling into our lives as to become a raging tide, with no sign of ebbing...
applause WOW,,THAT WAS HOT MY FRIENDapplause A WOMAN SHOULD BE AT YOUR SIDE WHILE YOU WRITE THAT FOR HERapplause cheering THAT WAS DAMN HOT AND WELL WRITTEN SIRapplause doh teddybear teddybear heart wings
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