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Little Boy poems.

Little Boy
There is nothing
quite so pitiful
as knowing that you, little boy,
could never respect me enough
to say no to me
and be a man.

Little boy, I swear
I will walk all over you.
I will cause you pain.
I will break you.
And you'd deserve every bit of it
just because you let me.

Little boy, I like it
when you eat from my hand.
I like how you know about all the others
and you still do all you can
to try to make me smile.
Watching you writhe in agony
as I tell you of my latest pet
and the pleasures he can give me.
When you then ask me if
there is anything
you could do
to be once more in my favor.
I like how they're all
as pathetic as you, little boy,
and how you all
eat from my hand.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
I'm not sure where these came from. Much older poems of mine. I'm really a nice person...

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