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Juicy breathe a blade
Penetrates the pride that I wander into the skin
What else lives without pain
The beating of his sleep
Your restless murmuring me ...
Gently shake your kindness and anger
Lets reason ... my body is lost?
Beautiful melancholy behind the wheel
Anger, hate what transpires
The same melody as guide to truth
In which this reality?
We faked life.
Still stubbornly persist in
The inevitable effect of the
That as greed takes me out of me
I claim, recites his love
Without being able to control my actions
Persist in engaging in such beautiful and mild tenderness
That it gives me
In each time an endless pleasure
Gather me in the confines of time
The wait is this stunning end
But again I fall in this web
Afflicted with pain and emotions
Resist with follies and daydreams
That holds me to the end
Charm me with these white roses
Dyed red by my vile body
Are the most beautiful flowers of the season.
Evaporate a perfume sublime
The compact poison of my being
dominates me again
and i fall before such a force.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
it about suicide

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we all wrestle with the good/bad in each one of us.
"Afflicted with pain and emotions
Resist with follies and daydreams" we can do no better...
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