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by ken coons

Behold! I speak of love as one
Who babbles not for sake of sound,
But as a lad who walked her plank
And struggled hard, then slowly sank
As though my limbs were bound.

Behold! I speak of love to warn
Young hearts that blossom in the spring.
In this the season it is grand,
But can that frail bud withstand
The snow that Winters bring?

Behold! I speak of love to say,
'Tis not a thing that comes by chance.
It must be bought, and payments made,
And though the price is never paid,
Take not a backward glance.

Behold! I speak of love again,
That I might mention of the cost.
Though it is great, and hard to bear,
If you give up in sad despair
Your equity is lost.

Behold! I speak of love to all.
I babble not for sake of speech.
But as a lad who only grinned,
And threw all caution to the wind,
'Tis you I now beseech.
Behold! I speak of love.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
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Comments (11)

Thankyou I really enjoyed that read,........Andrew.
Lovely poem on love,thank you for sharing these thoughts.thumbs up
it seems we could learn a lot from you regarding love alyzon,applause
thanks for sharing..wave
"If you give up in sad despair
Your equity is lost." true...a wonderful poem of deep wisdom.
I will respect your wisdom, sir. I feel you warn us.
alyzon - your conviction stands strong...nicely done!teddybear
Yes, as a lad who only grinned and never cared, and threw all caution to the wind you should know better, and I agree that love is just a frail bud and it can be damaged easily, and that love is priceless: it can neither be bought nor exchanged as mere commodity. Indeed, love is not a thing to trifle with. Hope this message will be heard and find its destination. Welcome to this corner, dear poet, feel at home!
I really enjoyed ur poem and I do hope +o read more from u in the future.
I enjoyed reading your poem, too. Sounds so solemnly. The love from your point of view, from your experience, filled with love for those who will read it. Good job. Congrats.handshake
You are explanation needed at all...really enjoyed reading this poem. Thank you handshake
Good advice. Love needs to be nurtured and cared for and
worked on like one would tend a garden. The cost is great but
the rewards greater.angel comfort thumbs up angel
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