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My Rose Flower

Along the old and rugged road of destiny where every hope seem faded and all dreams shattered,i saw a rose flower in a garden,on getting closer i discovered it's hidden beauty.
It flourishes like the trees of lebanon,like a star it twinkles,like a red wine it made me high and took away me sorrows,like the sun it gave life to my withered heart.The moon sets from it, the gardener seeing how i cherished it entrusted it to my care.i needed not the sunset any longer bcos it became my sunshine.Each second without it i feel like a samuri warrior without his sword,each minute without it i feel like a shepherd without his staff,each hour without it i feel like a sailor longing to sight an island.It became the very essence of my living and i stored it in the treasure base of my heart where nothing can take it away from me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Can you please chane the font of your poem so that we can read it clearly ??

very,very cool poem, i really liked this and hope there are more - applause
lovely poem,lovely wordsthumbs up

colours are hard to read though..
the ladies say well about the visual layout...other than that, the comparisons of man's desires to rose are compelling.
Beautifully written...I look forward to more of your writingwine
That was beautiful. I would love to hear more. You have talent.

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