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Magic Happens

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Magic Happens
Star's Sparkle,
Magic happens all the time.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad,
Sometime happy, sometimes sad
What don't kill you makes you stronger
Helping you to live longer
Cause as the nightmares
Near the end,
You’ll laugh about them
With a friend.
Cause the nightmare,
Won't get me,
I'll get them,
Just wait and see.
Then the only things,
That will remain,
Is love and laughter?
And never pain.
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Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
A little Magic

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Comments (5)

thanks for the works / words daniel.
Simply magical!!peace
So true Daniel laughter all the way, I love thispeace magic
magic and stars..what more do our eyes need in the night? nice write daniel..applause applause
"Then the only things, that will remain..
Is Love & Laughter?.And never pain"..thumbs up

Well written Daniel..Thank you.grin angel
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