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societal perversion (2008 blog, no poem)

How many of us have ever heard of NIP? Well, if you have, be careful, you were never intended to. NIP is an acronym. It's short for Newworld Internet Propaganda. And, there are plenty of
NIPN's around. Newworld Internet Propaganda Network. The internet has become the number 1 source of information on the globe. Thus, it has become a most valuable political, as well as business, or any other enterprise, tool, avenue, process, used wherever free will colors decision. And where free will may not. Nippers are folks planted inside your computer to convince you of, or sell you, something, and more. They are nearly impossible to spot.
They've flooded these websites with operatives in a concerted effort to sway public opinion. Now we shall enter the maze of NIP. faceless. political scammers, endless supply of information, spread out across the vast universe of the internet, did you ever wonder how it was that some people/ writers seem to have unlimited information and are able to produce it as though it were merely at their fingertips, that's one way you may suspect a nipper, try to argue or debate them, are bombarded with all this info (maybe true, maybe not), you feel inadequate, at a loss of words and give up, intimidation, spread false info under guise, in disguise, pose as impartial neutral observers, many times they claim residency of or located in uninvolved country, possess obscure documents, rulings, court cases, many are attorneys, undercover spreading misinformation, disinformation, imbedded, they were called "plumbers" during Richard Nixon's tenure, dirty tricks campaign, they will always have ready or glib answer to every argument, very polite, very knowledgible, soft spoken, to win you over, they ingratiate themselves, calm, soothing tones, effective in altering voting percentages, when cornered they will try to change the subject or attack opponents in personal ways, or through parsing of words, to undermine, attack, slander, whatever is effective, exposure and saturation of their ideas, espionage, condescending manner, appear as the common man, across many venues, instant access of vast information, today's sophistication, may write in abstruse terms, army of right wing chicken hawks, influential, infiltrate, spies, plants, always support their party's position, never concedes anything, while perhaps in an office or a bedroom they peddle their politics as that of the man next door, as common citizens espousing groups aims, STOP RIGHT THERE!
Now, I have a confession to make.
I made the acronym "NIP" up out of wholecloth. I conjured it. This particular title of this process may or may not exist. The mere possibility of groups such as mentioned guarantees their existance.
'The Doors'
I'm a spy
in the house of love
I know the dream
that you're dreaming of
I know the words
that you long to hear
I know your deepest, secret fear
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (11)

I cut a lot of this blog out of this so that it would fit in a poetry space. Perhaps the most important bit of info is: you can google 'internet propaganda groups' and obtain an incredible amount of knowledge.
Yep, even on the television or the radio, there is always someone trying to sway or change your opinion or point of view, be they political, or, even just, whether you like a particular product or not, whether you are consuming too much salt, fat or sugar.....Know what I mean?.....Politicians have never been slow to use a new medium to it's fullest to their advantage......Interesting as a debate subject......thanks Hedi........Andrew.conversing
Wow hedistuff, you,ve said it all, so when will worldwide control begin, or has it already started,? George Orwell stuff here. Still I'm always amazed at my fingertips what I can find out without spending days in a library, Still a child of technology I am. I like your kind of spy though poem at the end
trurorobonline now!
I ignore most of it, i live my way, otherwise we would be frightened to get out of bed!
darn! i am revealed...MWAAAHAHAHAA!...grin

of course the 'net' is open to this type of misuse..we just have to be
maymyoonline today!
Yes Hedi, Big Brother has been on our far land for some time now too, I think the idea is to be aware and trust few. Like Rob I ignore it as much as possible, tell 'em only as much as they need to know and don't believe anything you are told until you can prove it's true, this particularly relates to government agencies. Its a sad fact of modern life I am afraid. Maymyo. purple heart
are you subtly changing my opinion...
Quite frequently have little or no idea what is going on in your head,It doesn't really matter too much probably...Hey! I just realised, NIP means neuro?inguistic programming.
Do you know my deepest fear? Should that be allowed?liar
'Information Age' they call it...wonder about the evolution into the next 'Age' we keep breaking down and expanding. Thought provoking piece my friend.
Hi, hedistuff,
I think we should NIP it in the bud, don't you! Thank you for sharing societal perversion.
The only thing I can say is, "WOW!!!!"

It does make one think!hmmm thumbs up wave
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