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Down, but not out...

"Out and about in town on a selfish shopping spree"
I noticed you were sat in a doorway, cold, homeless and ever so hungry

"I stood and watched as you were ignored,
people walking straight by, avoiding eye contact'

"Your hair was matted, with grubby clothes, and dirty fingernails"
the dullness of your eyes, and tear stained face, you were crying out for help, your tired body screaming to be embraced

"Feelings of guilt had overtaken me, look at you, and look at me, out and about on my self indulgent shopping spree"

"Approaching you I crouched to my knees in front of you, I took your fragile hand and gently raised you to your feet

"I walked you to a nearby diner, a place where you can be warm, a place where you could choose all that you wanted to eat

"You had a full English, and big mug of hot tea, I had a black coffee as I watched you eating hungrily and hastily "

"You were silent throughout, never speaking or questioning me, you gaurded your food so greedily and protectively"

"I drove you to my mother's house who never turned a soul away, 'look after her mother' I said, while I shop her some clothing, I'll be back later
to see how she's doing"

"On my return my mother greeted me, Tis an angel you found my son, go in and look at her...I walked in the living room and there you were sat, bathed and clean, hair long and golden, and with eyes of blue, I stood there stunned I could not take my eyes of you"

"There at my mother's you remained, for 2 years she cared for you, easing your suffering and ridding ou of your pain"

"Good friends we remain until this day, you built a life for yourself now..with a place of your own, and a good job too..often we get together and you recall that day, when I rescued you and altered your path in so many way's".
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
A true story my friend's, that I wanted to share...She is happily married now with a child...I was her best man at her wedding.

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Comments (15)

A lovely Write "K"

Let this remind us that next time we see a person down on their look beyond the dirt..

Thankyou for sharing. angel
As jesus said'"when you do this for the least of these my bretheren you've done it unto me" You Kyri did what we all need to do, and this world would be a better place!! God continue to bless you as u bless others.
A lovley poem...JG....wave angel2 happy place
LJJ, and JG...thank you for your lovely comments
Great story; down and outs are closer to the light.
They surely are CJ....angel
Hi, kyriacos2009,
What a beautiful story - and with a happy ending. Amazing grace. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you gnj4u....thumbs up
trurorobonline today!
what a wonderful true life story, truly you and your Mother put so many others to shame!
you side stepped sir..when people side step they change things. handshake
i love stories with happy endings, especially when they are true, thanks for making a better place K.
Trurorob, Ladybee, and goodguy...Many thanks for your comments...Any one of us could end up where she was, I'd hate to think no one would rescue me....thumbs up
Wonderful story/experience,good for you.thumbs up
Thank you TBG.....hug
what an amazing poem/story...your families generosity truly touched me.hug
Thank you Jazzy, for your lovely comment...hug
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