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My Life

Sometimes I hear a song playing on the radio it takes me back to a time of yesteryear.
When I had the whole world ahead of me. And plans as big as the sea.
I thought all those plans were going to be wrote in stone.
Little did I know what life had in store for me.
I can't say I haven't enjoyed the roads I have traveled.
I have lived many life's in this life time of mine.
But I can say I miss some of the roads I know I will never cross again.
I use to think all the time.
Don't know how I would get in so much trouble with all that thinking.
I have seen so much.
Learned so much and loved so hard.
I never knew how heart rendering this life could be.
Thank you God thru it all you loved me.
When I was young and starting out you would have never thought I would be the woman I grew into.
But in life if nothing else I have learned one does what one has to do.
And my conscious was the dictator of what I had to do.
I am sorry for the pain I have caused others.
I wish I could say that statement was not true.
That I have never caused pain.
I have seen first breaths being taken by new born babes.
I have seen the last breaths taken by those going home.
I have felt so loved and so alone.
Sometimes I have felt them both at the same time.
I have never felt the need to push myself or my opinions on another.
I have also never let people push theirselfs or their opinions on me.
I have always known right from wrong.
No matter what I decided to do I knew.
Now here I am with so much behind me.
Wondering what is left to be.
It reminds me of something I heard before.
The best is yet to come.
And with all the wisdom I have gained.
I know it will not come till I am ready to recieve.
I also know if I had of refused the pain.
My life would have not been the happy one I see.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (6)

remain a thinker..we need thinkers..daydream laugh applause
that's a lotta life you've lived happy lady! Keep livin' and writing about for us, for yourself. thanks!
Oh what a beautiful kind, wise, brave and well penned write, thanks.angel
trurorobonline today!
hey buddy, at least you know yourself!!, keep thinking!
lovely life my friend...i am honored!hug
This may be my favorite of your poems. I had to read it a few times. The time of your life is not yet a memory. wine
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