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Heaven on Earth
The brightest star,
There's no point in waiting,
Or looking for more.
Cause I've found an Angel,
Who I simply adore.
I've been touched by this angel,
Now the one thing I'm sure.
I'll be loving my Angel,
Now and forever more.
I must show that I love her,
Without no delay.
For I'll always love her,
Every second of each day.
I promise you Angel,
Your heart i wont break.
To see you unhappy,
Would be more then i could take.
Your skin is like honey,
Your lips taste of wine.
Your long flowing hair,
Is simply divine.
Your heavenly beauty,
Is exquisite and true.
But your inner beauty,
Is the best part of you.
You truly are special ,
Both inside and out.
There's no one more perfect,
Of that, there's no doubt.
On my dying breathe,
These words i will say,
I loved you my Angel,
Till my dyeing day
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Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
This poem is dedicated
To a very special lady
For whom so much was asked
Was her love fully given
She knows who she is
Daniel x

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Comments (5)

Great write and visuals; I have my idea who...angel
wow!..quite a poem daniel, lovely - thanks..wave applause
beautiful words Daniel, I'm sure she'll be happy to get them. ;-]
Angels come in many shapes and sizes...what a great tribute!angel
A very sincere poem, that has a resonance in all of our hearts,very highly felt and regarded to all that truly feel what lies in all. true love never dies, eternity always shines in us all together. Scott mills
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