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Never ending circle joined!


We all issue from our parents loins,

We grow up, plant our own seed,
In life's nursery, nurture and feed,
Then, the inescapable fact,
Our inevitable final act!


Another part of the endless circle joins.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Birth, life and

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Comments (6)

Nice one Andrew....JG...wave cheering waiter
and around and 'round we go in the Circle Game - Joni Mitchell ;-]
Liked this Andrew, and have also watched history repeat it self slightly out of focus each time, so I reckon we live on after circle is completed???teddybear
Hi, andrew149,
Life is found between the Beginning and the Ending. Thank you for sharing.
No beginning and no end...lovely circle Andrew!peace
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