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Where are u "Abraham"? Ur mum is asking about u!

Walking in the city
After the bloody civil war
walking and contemplating
contemplating damaged buildings,streets,walls,
broken windows,broken hearts,
contemplating faces,sad faces,
they were like lost!
What happened there?What happened here?
No ideas,no real understandings,no thoughts,
just asking,just wondering,just taking some notes.

* * *
In a lost damaged street
i saw a wall,
it was very sad,full of tears,
like all of us,like all.
From the days of hate was that wall,
from the days of fighting,kidnapping,torturing,
burning people alive,
linking them by car and dragging them,
from those days was that wall breached shot.
A mysterious writing was on that wall,
it said:where r u "Abraham"? Ur mum is asking about u!Where did u go?
Does anybody knows about Abraham?
does anybody knows?
* * *
"Abraham" left home,
he took with him the M16,
his pistolet,bombs,
and went to war.
To protect his family,he fought,
to protect his neighbours,his home,
to protect himself from the ennemy who came to delete him,
cause his different,
to protect his freedom,
to live free,he fought,
to protect the area where he used to live
to protect it from the invasions of the ennemy,
from those who came to kill him,to kill his children,
and to occupy his home after.
* * *
A child saw him when he was going
they used to play football together,
he asked him:"Abraham" where r u going?
Can i go with u please?
"Abraham" said:i have a mission,
u have a mission too,
learn,understand,don't leave school,
study and try to succeed,
and if ennemies come,protect our area,
protect ur family,mine,
and ask GOD,the one and only,
who has no partner,no son or daughter,
ask him to help us in our mission,
take care my friend,
and he left.
* * *
"Abraham" didn't return back,
till now didn't return back,
his neighbour,who were child,who played football with him,
has grown up,
got married,has children now,
and "Abraham" still away,
and didn't return back...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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1234ab: tho the stance is a bit hard to discern here, i choose to believe you are stating the futility of waging war. Many have asked for "God on our side" to enable winning of war. No one wins, everyone loses. IMHO. Thanks.
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