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Simple Little Thing Called Family

I'm looking out the window.
Looking at a life that's passing me by.
Wanting to escape from myself.
A place where I want think anymore.
You don't understand why.
You would like to feel like you've even the score.
I can't even cry.
If you would like I'll say you won.
Just leave me and close the door.
I just want to fly high.
Up in the sky and feel the morning sun.
Soar like a bird all so free.
Out the window is where I wish to be.
Seems like someone's always needing something from me.
And I feel I have given all I have to give.
Seems like I have been born in the wrong time and place.
It seems like someone has come a long and erased.
The way that things were meant to be.
Changed all of humanities priorities.
No longer are families close.
Trust is just another word for saying weak.
Don't you see we've made a wrong turn.
I really want the life I seek.
Why do people not just learn?
When it is all said and done.
Family is all you really have.
The one thing most come in this world with.
The one thing most leave behind.
So why can't they find the time to love.
Why must everything be put above?
A simple little thing called family.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (6)

You are so right in verse happygolucky things do seem different
but the world is changing good or bad??? Family should come first
as you so adeptly sayteddybear
Lovely write, you need some you time me thinks.bouquet
hug hug here, have a drink sit down and rest a minute.
now go and get the rest of your life...hug bouquet bouquet
these ladies seem to think a family can be of one or two, maybe...maybe. I too value your words. ;-)
"I'm looking out the window.
Looking at a life that's passing me by.
Wanting to escape from myself.
A place where I want think anymore."

pure poetry, it penetrated my soul and touched me, thank you for caring...
good morning happy! keen observation...sounds like it's past time for a hug rennaisance...though I came from a large extended, close knit family, there wasn't very much touchy, feely, kind of physical relationship goin' on...til I had my own kids, then it was a constant...
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