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W. U. I.

(Writing Under the Influence)

Sometimes it all comes out garbled,
Can't make heads nor tails the next day.
As if I'd lost all my marbles,
Now what was I trying to say?

But once in a while it's inspired,
A couple of nuggets I'll find.
It's almost as if I were wired,
My fingers just speaking my mind.

Later I'll fix up the scansion,
Make sure all the rhymes are just right.
Ideas may need some expansion,
From fragments composed in the night.

Then when the magic is churning,
When ev'rything's coming out fine,
The late midnight oils are burning,
As poetry mixes with wine.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Inspired by a very dear lady...
"i drank a little wine to unwind, and now i'm so unwound i've lost my rhymes..."

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Comments (9)

U have me laughing, BUT this is some seriously GREAT writing, one I m sure many can identify with, if truth be told ! aware3
Hi, freeatlast64847,
Fortunately, It's almost as if I were wired, My fingers just speaking my mind doesn't need mixing to happen. I read the 3rd stanza as a metaphor for life. Thank you for sharing.
Ladybee42online today!
laugh laugh
they fell through the keyboard
and sped far from home
so you on missouri
might write this smart poem..
tadaaa!...nicely done..applause applause
Mixing poetry with alcohol, brave man. I would never dare as I am nutty enough without it.Can't even imagine what would come out; probably Mrs Fledgler tries the Karma Sutra!cheers wine
Thanks awake, gnj and Ladybee! caroljoyce, I get ideas with a glass or two of wine in me, but most of the actual writing takes place the next day... grin The Kama Sutra thing sounds interesting though, who's Mrs Fledgler?
ER... some of my wacky writes, can't call it poetry to be realistic, see Mrs Fledgler, the Funeral under my poetry. Not really for the love lorn, need to put her somewhere else really rather than here. Hedi likes her though. Maybe better have a glass or two first perhaps.doh
I'll drink to that!!! and all of the above :)cheers
Been there, done that, loved it, your poem mixed it wellwine wine cheers
Thank you friends from near and far,
Now tell me please, which way's the bar?
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