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at the edge of the cliff

The winds blow wildly,
As it tosses her hair.
But she's standing at
The edge of the cliff
And doesn't care.

She feels the bare stones
Under her cold feet
And wishes she was strong,
Strong enough to

The numbness she feels,
Deep inside,
As she decides
That suicide is,
Her only way to quickly die.

At the edge of the cliff
She puts one foot
Knowing the other step
She takes,
Will lead her into

And as she is ready to end
Her life,
A soft gentle voice whispers,
Are you alright?

NO! She cries out in anguish and
Full of pain,
Everything I do,is for nothing and,
In vain!

I've tried so hard to be
The best I can be,
But all I can do is give
Pure misery!

I gave all I could till there
Was nothing left
Yet I know in my heart I tried
My best.

Hey you, said the soft voice
Why did you forget that it was I
Not you
when you was with them and
Showed them how to be

It was not in your power nor in your
That you tried to do the best
You could.

For that in itself is the
Power of Love,

Don't you understand?

You are the best you can
And if, your not satisfied,
With that,
Just come to me.

Just as you are.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
No matter what you do or don't believe in
Turn to your source, as long as its done
In the name of love.

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Comments (4)

Wow! This made me cry. Very touching and true. Well done!
Hi, tinypixie,
I find it sad to think that one would lose sight of hope and give up on the possibility that exists in each moment to be new, different, better. At times, certainly, we do need the love and support of others to help us realize our own possibilities. Thank you for sharing.
tinypixie: you most definitely have done YOUR best, a wonderful poem that reminds that, that is all that can be asked of any of us. I understand ;-)
this cliff is faced many times over a described it perfectly....thank you for sharing such an amazing workhug
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