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The Hair Cut

Having my hair cut
Oh what a drag
Maybe I'll just wear a paper bag!

The questions they ask are always the same
"Oh, look outside - it looks like rain"
"Are you going out tonight?"
"How's your hair, is that alright?"
Then mousse, and spritz and hair spray galore
I just can't wait to get out that door!

Away from the chemicals and idol chatter
I know it doesn't really matter
Away from the spray tans and stick-on false nails
It's really not me, and I can't wait to bail

Get out of the door and into fresh air
Away from the drone of pop music blare
Thank God that it's over for another wee while
Hmmmmm....Maybe next time, I'll change my style! :o)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
just a silly few lines about today's visit to the hairdressers

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Comments (9)

I don't like it either, although my hairdresser is a soul mate. I don't like having to sit still for so long, and as for that mirror.... unfortunate as I have really long hair; should just chop it and do away with it all. Have you ever been there when an OAP is having a perm...drains mingle with bad eggs and bin liner dregs.
both of you have no problem...'least you have hair to wash & perm & egg and color and cut and .... ;-)
thanks for your comments guys hug wave
i read this 2x....
cool wave
Hmmmmm....Maybe next time, I'll change my style! :o)

No you wont! handshake
great writeangel
wave laugh glad you enjoyed it
I loved it. You described it so true and yet so poetically. bouquet
Hi, Juneau,
Although I have never treated myself to a professional manicure or pedicure, I am a bit intrigued by those fancy stick-on nails! Thanks for taking us along for your hair cut! "How's your hair, is that alright?"
laugh yeah....I guess it would be nice to have long, fancy nails just for a week or so ...until they dropped off? dunno confused rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Hair's fine thanks...still got some thumbs up thumbs up laugh
Made me laugh!! Great write :)
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