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Gimme a Shot

I'm sure that I will get a job,
Because I'm not being picky.
All I need's a foot in the door,
Cause I know how to be tricky.

I have been down this road before,
Way more times than I can mention.
All I need is a chance to show,
Abilities and intentions.

I show up ev'ry day and try,
Give my best to be productive.
Cause moving up the ladder is,
Always my workin' objective

May not be strong or fast as once,
But maybe a little smarter.
Reliable, concientious,
Fast learner and a self-starter.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Blatantly pandering to prospective employers... :D

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Comments (4)

You are having a rotten time at present. Your last stanza should be a great plus and selling point to anyone who knows what is advantageous to them .keep shining and hoping.sigh
wine here..drink pouring have a shot..waiter
not quite the one you're looking for...
but it will make you...buddies
for like 10 minutes anyway!..hug hug
F.A.L.: good positive attitude! maybe mention in stanza 5 ;-)
Thanks caroljoyce, Ladybee and goodguy! Hangin' in there grin
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