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As It Was Meant To Be

They met online, some dating site
A random chance encounter
For a while they emailed each other
Then instant messages started
The romance built up over time
A cyberspace connection
When they finally met it was as if
They'd known each other all their lives.

From the airport to a motel room
Then as soon as he dropped his suitcase
He swept her up in his strong arms
And laid her gently on the bed
Leaning over nose to chin
He kissed her, oh so deeply
They fell into each other then
And to this day have not come up.

The love they share goes on and on
As it was meant to be, forever.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
A fantasy...

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Comments (8)

we have to dream it to have a chance at the reality IMHO.
Yeah goodguy, poets and dreamers...
I Understood the meaning, thats for sure.
But it was very...blah
You were writing from your head and not your heart and soul...thats what it reads to me.
Keep on the same subject...just dig DEEPER...dont be afraid to express how you truly feel...good or bad. Find your inner muse and ride her like a rocket to your finger tips...let each word explode out of you as it comes and then see what you come up with.
I did like this line..they should all be as real as this line..
"They fell into each other then
And to this day have not come up."

Keep it up !!!
Blah? Only writing from the head?

Most people excuse their own shortcomings and judge other people's harshly. We should reverse this attitude by excusing other's and harshly examining our own. ( Paramhasana Yogananda).

Free, it IS real. The assumption that it is only things which are experienced in the physical are real, is an illusion. That which is experienced in spirit, dreams or imagination is equaly valid in every way, possibly more so as physicality enforces irrational limitations. A bad way to travel.
carol is so right...for a period of time, when I first wrote and spoke with my now wife, there was a song in my heart, a spring in my step, and a smile on my face that could never be removed. all was right with the world, I loved everyone and all were my friend....and we had never even met one another! not as yet for a while. I was on cloud nine...or ten. it was real...
Lovely poem dreams, dreams, got inside this one got to admitteddybear
Thanks carol, hedi and redex! Your comments are always appreciated. Reality is great, but fantasies always have a happy ending grin
very nice, what do they do for
oxygen?...applause grin
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