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Phk Off with Flowers ... The Poetry Corner Remix

Silly cheerful people
From a cold and dreary land
listen to me closely
maybe you can understand
I don't believe in karma
Jesus Christ or a world peace
I don't believe in most beliefs
Be it west or far far east
I believe in the life I live
I believe in what I see
It may seem deranged, a tad bit strange
I call it reality
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
This is a poem that I came up with while picking lilacs with my old chap Sam. It really brings out the best of all of us I think and I just hope I get BUNCHES of Karma points for it !!
God Bless America and God save the Queen...and what ever the Mexicans say...

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Comments (10)

nice write Blizza...
Thanks !!
cheering banana head banger confused moping teddybear teddybear teddybear heart wings sad flower
Really I am a nice person
i, 4 1, b leve U !
Very cool,
the rawness is ones' greatest freedom.
here you go, here's a few more karma flowers to weave into my hair.
It just oozes karma... A lot of the Mexicans say God bless America, too grin
reality is the best place to live..professor

nice write.
From a silly cheerful person, I love your reality, we must both be deranged a bithandshake
lol...I'm glad you all have a good sense of humor...that says a lot about a person !!
Despite the differences of things that make us each silly and the end if we aren't all silly and cheerful...something is truly wrong with us =)
Blizza - reality is as we choose! Keep smiling and writing :)gift
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