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Pennies for Heaven

He came home from work and sat down,
"I don't feel so good," he said.
She went to get a cold washcloth,
When she came back he was dead.

How can a girl be a widow,
At the age of twenty-eight?
A heart attack is what they said,
What a cruel and brutal fate.

The family gathered for support,
In the basement of the church.
And people did what people do,
Try to heal each other's hurt.

The oldest daughter of the three,
Although she was barely six,
Had made her grandpa buy a tin,
Of a fancy candy mix.

This she sold to the other kids,
And she gathered up the change.
Then walked up to the coffin,
Where her fallen daddy lay.

She gently emptied out the tin,
Of coins on her fathers chest.
"Daddy never goes anywhere,
Without money," 'sall she said
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
I cried when she did that. Dedicated to Ronnie B, a fine young man who died much too young.

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Comments (8)

Great ! Great!very nice and shocking.You have composed a poetry easily bang the heart and seal a mark on mind.thanks for sharing
mannnn...this is sooo much on sooo many levels, the warmth, the sorrow, the story, the rhyme, the title...a sad home run
applauseWell Done! . . . The Best Works come from the Heart and Soul, touches another Heart and Soul Deeply . . This one DOES just that! . . . Always Write from the Heart and You Will Always Create an Ever Lasting Masterpiece. To bring on emotion and deep feelings in your reader is the highest compliment to a Writer/Poet/Author/Artist . . . Bravo!!angel
real nice free...
very sad...very well written words
bouquet bouquet
A wonderful verse, yes children see what we have forgotten to see. She might like this poem when she is olderhandshake
Hi, freeatlast64847,
Noticing what is missing, as the child becomes the parent, at six. In the midst of tragedy, such caring. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement! This all happened just as I wrote it, but there is more to the story. I'm happy to report that the young widow is now married again, to her late husband's closest friend and she and her three daughters are doing well. A special thanks to MonaLisaSmile who's poem, 'His Little Angel' inspired me to write this.
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